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Park your bike for awhile and join in the discussion! From the technical to the humorous, you'll find a topic you're interested in. Give your opinion, share your experience, ask a question, or even post a picture of your motorcycle. Click here

evolving cruiser

One man's experience in the on going evolution of a "T". Accessorizing and modifications are detailed, and a photo gallery of viewers' motorcycles is also included. Click here

Quoted from West Virginia Riders website: "Come join us for a road adventure tour in the mountains. Ride with us as we string together twisting backroads with the expertise that only local riders can possess. At West Virginia Riders, we specialize in day tours of wild, wonderful West Virginia by motorcycle. All you need is your machine and a few hours of your time to build a memory that will last for years".

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Patriot Guard Riders

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security.
Patriot Guard Riders

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The official Honda website

Personal accounts of riders in search of the perfect road.

Not sure where to find the perfect set of wheels for you? Take a look here.

Now that you've got it, you've got to customize it, right? Find the perfect paint job for your bike, and mods to suit.

Axiom number 1: There's no such thing as too many accessories.
Axiom number 2: You never have enough chrome.
Axiom number 3: You need leather.

A guide to motorcycle clubs and organizations.

Updated on April 7th with over 30 new events. A list of upcoming events large and small for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Want your event listed? Email and let us know.

A list of personal homepages of motorcycle enthusiasts. Would you like to see your site on the list? Make your suggestion here.


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